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Low cost properties in Bulgaria

GoldenValley offers low cost properties in Bulgaria for Bulgarian and non Bulgarian buyers in big discount.

Purchase of apartments in buildings:

Foreign citizens and companies can buy apartments in buildings in Bulgaria without any restrictions.

Therefore, any foreign citizen has no restriction in buying apartments in Golden Valley project.

When the investor becomes full owner of the purchasedproperty:

The buyer becomes full owner of the property when the final purchase contract in special notary’s form is concluded. The contract /title deeds/ is prepared by a lawyer and certified by notary. After the signing of the contract in front of the notary it has to be filled in the special property register in the local Regional court. The register is analogue of the cadastre register in some west European countries. There the contract obtains special number which can be opposed to every one contract filled latter in the register.

For more information you are welcome to contact our Bulgarian legal consultant:

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