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Apartments for sale in Vitosha

Apartments for sale in Vitosha Simonov, near the center of Sofia – great investment in Bulgarian property

This is an area that is going to become one of the most prestigious residential areas in Sofia because of its location in the south part of the city and the closeness to Vitosha mountain. There is no industrial area located nearby and there is a lot of green fields all around.

The all area is going to be a brand new neighborhood with new infrastructures and public utilities such as hospitals, schools, kinder gardens, swimming pools, SPA centers, restaurants, supermarkets and entertainment places.

Business centre, office building and a trade complex are also planned to be built nearby. They will facilitate citizens and contribute for the modern development of the area infrastructure.

In this area the property value constantly increase every year.

About Sofia
Sofia is the administrative, cultural and industrial centre of the country. The biggest city in the country, the most developed and busy place, with population of over 1.5 million people and thousands of businesses, foreign Embassies, branches of international companies and organizations, public administration, etc. Sofia is the most developed and dynamic property market in Bulgaria.

The residential prices in Sofia are still relatively much lower than those in other parts of Europe, and are expected to go up rapidly now that Bulgaria has been admitted to the EU.

Bulgaria achieved NATO membership in 2004 and accession to the EU in January 2007.

Encased by the Stara planina to the north and Vitosha to the south, sitting at 550 m altitude, Sofia enjoys moderately hot summers, snowy winters and beautiful springs and autumns.